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I wanted to add my comments on how amazing your product truly is. I have seen many older Heritage bikes with "saggy bags" and knew that when I bought my new 2012 that I would have to do something about it. After a month, I saw the rear of the bags beginning to cave just a bit. I looked at every product and decided to purchase your full system. The box arrived on my doorstep and I immediately installed the perimeter portions of the the kit.

Wow! When I installed the left side, every crease was instantly gone. I have owned this bike for 5 months and the bags didn't look this good off the showroom floor. I will install the lid inserts tonight, but there really is no need since the rest of the system would prevent the lids from falling. For the price, ease of installation, and immediate difference your product is absolutely amazing. Any owner of an FLSTC should make this product a mandatory purchase. Thanks!

Sam Fernandez: Tampa, Florida - 2012 FLSTC

Just wanted to say "Thanks for a great product". I installed your system on my 07 Heritage about a year ago and I counldn't be happier. EZ install and a great result. Just ordered the Invisalock and utility pouches as well. I ride with a Veterans MC and they are all very impressed with the products as well. Thanks again and ride safe.

John Simpson: Manassas, Va

My wife�s �09 Heritage Softtail saddlebags were collapsing and really looking bad. After doing a lot of research, I was decided this was the company and system I wanted to use. Steve & Bobbie supplied all the information I needed to do the job myself. I did have some trimming of the supplied panels as the leather bags had shrunk a little, but the material was easy to shape and work with. The bags shape look like new and the room in each bag is back to original size. I, also, installed the kit in my �07 Heritage bags which were starting to collapse.

I�m very happy with the results and recommend this product and company to anyone thinking of fixing or maintaining the shape of their saddlebags. Thanks guys!

Thanks again for a great idea. Utah is one of the 15 states I haven't ridden yet... so maybe this summer I'll see you. Be Well!

Rick & Betty Napoli, Venice, FL

Steve and Bobby, I wanted to share my delight with your product with you. I purchased my '93 Fat Boy about 4 months ago and it was a mess, the bags had probably had no attention for years and as you can see from the enclosed "before" photos, they were misshapen, dry and an eyesore.

I am an old horseman, so I used all of my saddle restoration skills to revitalize the leather. I was able to recondition the bags to a point where they were somewhat supple, but I could never regain the shape. I saw your banner on HD Forums and called. Bobby was very helpful and I ordered the product. The directions were very concise and after following the steps and some sweat equity on my part, I have witnessed an unbelievable transformation.

Your tech support on the phone was extremely helpful. My 20 yr. old bags look like new. This was well worth the price and has saved me the cost of new bags which run $700 - $800 for my cycle. I have restored numerous cycles, cars, and aircraft and I always try to shoot for original equipment.

Please feel free to use this endorsement on your website. Thanks for your help..!! Ride Safe..!

Jim Baker (AirStar Executive Airways)

(From Tom Fitzgerald)

I purchased a set of saggy bags (Restoration Kits) for my 06 softail classic, put them in the bags and what a different it makes! It brings bags back to original shape and they look great; can not wait to put them back on the bike! GREAT PRODUCT, happy rider. I'm also looking into the locking system for the bags; another great idea. Tom from Maine.

Just want to say THANKS for your product. While my Heritage is new I thought it best to install the supports now and I REALLY LIKE what it does for the top of the bags. I told two friends about your web site and both have installed the supports. One is a new bike like mine, the other has a 2001 Heritage that looks like new except for the bags. After installing your product his friends think he bought new bags!

Thanks again for a great idea. Utah is one of the 15 states I haven't ridden yet... so maybe this summer I'll see you. Be Well!

'ol dann, Asphalt Cowboy

To Saggy Bags,

I got the bag inserts, put them in and can not believe how great it looks. I hated the bags from the day I bought the bike new in 2003, the dealer said that's just the way it is, some are better than others. Wish I would have done this years ago. Thank you.

Kevin Lange

Just a quick note to thank you and your company for the prompt posting and your product, it makes it so easy to fix the bags and they came out looking like brand new.

Hope you get more kits sold in Australia as all my mates have seen the results, and you should get more orders coming in as a result of you advertising in heavy duty magazine. Fantastic product, many thanks!

Paul Kenny, Australia

Hey Boys,

 I recently finished installing my Saggy Bag Kit on my 03 Heritage Softail, WOW! No B.S. they are incredible. The look is perfect. I used to remove the bags because they just looked drab and took away from the bikes’ style. Now I don’t even want to think of taking them off. They honestly look like they are fresh from a 2010 Heritage. They were very easy to install and when you say you can bend the forms and they won’t break, you weren’t kidding. I never liked the look of rigid leather Bags but with the Saggy Bag kit it is a perfect mix of a vintage look without the wear and tear.

Your product is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone with Saggy Bags! Thanks.

Pete: Quebec, Canada

I wanted to write and tell you how satisfied I am with your product. I just bought a 2007 Heritage Softtail Classic, and one of my friends recommended that my first accessory should be your product. I bought your kit from my local dealer in Vancouver Washington.

I installed the kit over the weekend, and everything went very smoothly. The instructions were well-written and very easy to understand, and my bags look great. Thanks for delivering exactly what you promised, and then some!

Randy Smith, Vancouver Washington

Just wanted you to hear from another satisfied customer.  I received my kit here in Okinawa, and got right to work installing the pieces.  The instructions were easy to follow and I am now waiting for the glue to dry on the lid pieces. Tomorrow I will reassemble everything and that will be it. Thanks for working with me on getting my shipment to me.  I know I am going to really like the finished look.  Thanks a bunch.

Jack Martin Okinawa, Japan

I recently purchased your Saggy Bags kit from N.W. Harley in Lacey, Wa. and I thought I should drop you a note and tell you that it is great. It works as advertised.

I have a 2006 Heritage (Harley), which I bought in Dec. last year and the bags were starting to droop a bit and one bag had a malformed rear corner due to being pushed in, probably while being stored at the dealer prior to me buying it. The bags now look new again and they improve the overall appearance of the bike. So, you have one satisfied customer with a bike with some very good looking saddle bags thanks to your product.

Thank you. Have a good day and ride safe. L. W. Carlson

I have a 08 Heritage and noticed how bad a lot of the bags look on some of the bikes that have a few years age on them. I didn’t want that to happen to my new bags so I went on the web to research any info that addressed the problem. I came across a web site that required you to send in your bags and they would install a system that claimed they could make your bags look new.

I didn’t feel comfortable with that and after some more searching I came across your web page. Well I purchased the kit at a nearby Harley dealership that carried your product and even though the bags were only 6 months old, the difference was amazing. The folds that were becoming noticeable in the sides were immediately stretched smooth. I definitely recommend your kit to anyone that cares about the looks of their leather bags.
Donald S. Adams, USN Retired

I received the kit I ordered and want you to know I'm grateful for the simplicity and results. The price is a deal when compared to at least one of your competitors. I own a 2007 Heritage Softail and one bag had a pretty significant sag in it's rear seam. Looks great now and I believe there will be no problems of that kind to look forward to.
Take care. Scott Temple

During the past year I have become unsatisfied with the appearance of the Saddle Bags on my 2006 Heritage Softail. I�d been asking around to see if anyone knew how to solve my �Saggy-Bag� problem. After months of unsuccessful research, I was informed by a Harley Parts Salesman to checkout an article in a motorcycle magazine. I looked through the magazine several times front to back for the article but was unsuccessful in finding it. Just as I was going to throw the magazine away, I paused and told myself to check one last time. That was when I came across your Ad! I was looking for an article! It hit me right in the face and I said,�That�s it, I found it!�.

I immediately went straight for my computer to visit your web-site. I read all your information and was convinced that this was the way to go and ordered the Saddle-Bag Kit for my bike immediately. A few days later your package arrived and I could not wait to get started! I actually sat and read the installation manual before I started, which, by the way, was clearly well written.

After a few minor adjustments to some of the plastic inserts and one day of my wife getting on my case for using our dinning room table as a work bench, presto! I got what I was hoping for! No more saggy bags! They actually look better than they did when the bike was new! A word of advice, try not to use your dinning room table as a work bench. It does not make the wife happy seeing saddle bags with bricks laying on them on the table while the glue sets up over night! I want to thank you so much for making me feel like I have a new bike again. The installation was painless and the result is phenomenal! Attached are a few before and after pictures. Thanks again. Regards, (Christopher Duval: Parlin, New Jersey )

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with everything. The ordering process was simple and quick, delivery was fast, the product was well packaged, the instructions were amazingly detailed (I can tell you guys really took the time to draft them up from the customer's perspective) and the product was the best part. It did take some time to do some custom fitting for the front panels, but everything works as you claimed. With each piece I installed, I could see a noticeable difference. I am glad I purchased the complete system now that I have the bags back on my Heritage...it looks great!
You have an excellent product and I will be telling my friends about it. Just so you know, I happened across your company/product as one of our local DFW Harley-Davidson dealerships had your flyers in their parts section. What a great testimonial. Thanks again for a great buying experience. I look forward to hitting the road with what now looks like a new bike! Take care,

Scott Baxter: Highland Village, TX

Just got done installing your saggy bag kit on my 07 HD Heritage. My bags were in good shape but, on their way to looking like many of the old bikes. Now, my bags look better than new!
You have one great product. Also, your shipping person saved me $40 when I accidentally checked the overnight box. He called and fixed the mistake. Thanks.

John Mitchell
I just wanted to take a quick minute to Thank You for the great product that you offer to take care of Harley Heritage Saggy Bags. I purchased my 2007 Heritage when it had 3000 miles on it and while it was only three months old, the bags already looked like the ones in your advertisements in the " before" pictures. I have to say that even though I haven't installed the lid liners yet, my bags look like brand new after installing the front and back reinforcements,the interior reinforcement and the side reinforcement rails. I am confidant that they will look better than any new bags after I complete the installation of the lid liners.
To anyone who is considering purchasing this product - you will be thrilled with the results. Thanks again !!

Jim Vendeville; Kalamazoo, MI

I purchased and installed your Saddlebag Support System for my HD 2001 Heritage, wish I would have done this years ago. What a great improvement! Your system is very well engineered and very easy to install with perfect results. Thank you, Gary Tamietti; Pine, AZ.

WOW!!!!! Just installed youre product on my 04 heritage unreal what a difference I would recommend this product to everyone who has saggy bags. It looks like I have new bags once again.Just follow instructions easy to install and like everyone has said it beats $700.00 for new ones. Thanks again!!!!! KEN; Greenville, PA.

Just a note to tell the other folks who may be considering the purchase of the entire kit: buy it! No amount of chrome will ever look as good as your saddlebags IF you invest in one of these kits. I installed my kit over 7 months ago and still can�t get over how much better they look. I even had the bike appraised by a dealer for a possible trade-in and he commented on how well I take of my leather. The kit reinforces the bags so they are rigid and seems to provide more space inside the bag as a result of the uniformed openness it now provides. And my wife and I both get a chuckle out of those who STILL have saggy bags.

Why tolerate substandard bags when you spent so much on the rest of your chrome and steel??? Vince

Just wanted to say "Thanks" I installed your kit on my saddle bags and they look great! My bike is an 04 and the bags look brand new! Thanks again. Bob Balducci

Just wanted to let you know I installed my Saddlebag Kit for the Harley Fat Boy Bike and they look great. The installation was easy great product for only $99.00. Thanks. Bill Leming, Semper FI

To whom it may concern:
I am seldom impressed with anything enough to email the manufacturer. Let me preface with this. I have two race cars and no compunction what so ever to spend lots of $$$$$$ for whatever is needed. I can safely say that 95% or more require some sort of modification to accomplish the intended purpose. Your '"Saggy Bags" kit installed flawlessly and the results are incredible. I almost spent $700.00 on new bags. Thanks, Rick Hanson (04 Heritage) Stafford, TX.

WOW! I've only had my 2007 Bike for 3 months, it's never been in the rain but already I could see that the right saddle bag's shape was starting to degrade. I saw your product featured in a bike magazine and checked out the website. It's great when a product lives up to the manufacturers claims but in your case the product EXCEEDS claims! The instructions were excellent and the install was very easy. For anyone thinking about this product I can highly recommend it! (Comments & photos by Bob D: Nashville, TN)

I just wanted to comment on your bag insert kit for the Heritage Classic. I have a 07 and even though my bags were new I wanted to prevent any sagging before it occurred. Your bag inserts made a huge improvement to their appearance and I would recommend that everyone with soft bags install your bag inserts before sagging occurs.

The most difficult part of the installation process was installing the support rails. Needless to say the support rails are on to stay that memory-plastic composite of which the rails are made is unbelievable, if only my memory was as good I would be a genius. Thanks again for a great product that will help keep my bike�s appearance like new. (FRANK CASCIO)

Hey Saggy Bag Staff!
I just installed the complete Saggy Bag Kit on my 2003 Harley Softail FLSTC it only took about an hour to do, super easy if you follow the instructions. Boy what a difference it made, my bags look brand new. I don't know why I'd do this sooner. I'm a member of HOG (Harleys Owners Group) and I can hardly wait to tell some of the other members about Saggy Bags and show them what a difference it made. You have a great product. Thanks Again.
(Mark Nuckols - Seattle, WA)

Just wanted you to know the bags look great!! My bike is a 96 Heritage and the bags where in sad shape, since putting your kit in and using some leather cleaner and softener they look better now than some of the new bikes I see, you saved me quite a bit of money had I just went out and bought new bags. Thanks so much for your product. (William Rustmann)

I'm telling everyone with bags on their scoots about this product. I couldn't have been happier. Got the kit for my birthday and installed it on my '07 heritage. It works just as described and I couldn't believe the lightning fast shipping. Thanks! (Dale Bradford Port Orchard, WA.)

Hi Steve; I installed the kits last night and the bags look 200% better. Thanks for making this product avalible. It works just like the service rep said it would, and the instructions are great and easy to follow. Thanks again. A very satisfied customer. (Jim koons)

Just wanted to say thank you for your product! It's nice to know that someone is actually selling exactly what they advertise! Fast delivery, easy installation! My bags look great! Thanks, (Ken, MD)

I got my Saggy Bags kit for my 2004 Heritage Softail and I am more than pleased with the result. I am meticulous about keeping my bike like new. The only thing that needed help was the bags. I installed the kit and it made all the difference in the world. They look better than new. It is the best $120.00 accessory I added. I'm sure I have some friends that will be ordering soon. (Kurt)

Got mine yesterday, got them installed last night. Came home tonight and took the weight off the lids,WOW!!! I am impressed. They look like brand new saddlebags. Thanks for a great product!! (Jim Hradek)

Thanks very much for the outstanding job you did on my bags. I have springer bags so I had to send them to you to have done. I am 110% satisfied. When I unpacked them they looked like brand new bags just out of the show room.

I live in Phoenix, Az. so everyone knows what the heat down here does to leather. You were very easy to deal with and did the job in a very timely matter. You can count on me to be passing the word on about your product and service. Thanks.
(Gene Baker)

Having had several "bagged" Harleys over the years, I was fully expecting my 2006 Heritage bags to go the same way as my two previous FLSTS models, so I hunted around and found Got Saggy Bags as a possible solution. With some difficulty and expense, I got a set across to Australia and I can tell you that it was well worth the effort. Not only did it restore my Heritage bags to 'better-than-new', I decided to sell Got Saggy Bags here in Australia and New Zealand. I've now seen many rider's attempts at a fix for their collapsed bags, but nothing comes close to the real thing. Well done Steve - you have a great product.
(Bill McDonough: R & B Cycles Australia, Queensland)

Hey saggy bag staff;
I just completed the installation (now the glue is drying) of the four steps to maintain the integrity of my '07 Heritage Softail saddlebags. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave the instructions so clearly and concisely that even I was able to complete the tasks.  I am not a "handy" person, I might add. I can not say enough good things about how you took the worry out by being so explicit. Enjoy the ride.
Thank you, Darrell Curfman, MSF Coach Missouri Rider's Edge Coach, Worth Harley-Davidson, Gladstone, MO

Steve, recieved the bags today and they look great; have already told several Harley riders about your service and will give info to many others in the future. Hope your business prospers abundently. God Bless,
(Danny Smith)

This is a very short message...your product is amazing! My bags were a little over 2 years old and needed TLC. After installing the kit my bags look like new and I will spread the word about the quality and ease of installation. I am one happy customer!" Frank Browning

I finally got them in. I had some trouble at first but then I decided to e-mail you guys about it. I didn�t think that I would get an answer for a couple of days since it was Saturday and you guys are closed but within an hour I got a call from Steve. He talked to me about what I could have been doing wrong and gave me some advice on how to do it. It worked great for me. I got them in and I am now I am waiting for them to dry to put them back on the bike tomorrow.

I am very pleased with the product and let me tell you someone was thinking when they made these. My bags look better than new. I would recommend them to anyone. My only regret is waiting so long to buy them. Thank you so much for everything. Great customer service is very hard to find these days and it is good to know that some company�s still believe in it. That alone is one the reason that this company will continue to be successful and set the standards for others in the industry. (Henry Inzunza)

Just wanted to let you know that your product is the best invention sense the motorcycle itself!!!!! I purchased a 1996 Heritage a couple of weeks ago the bike is beautiful. I thought the first thing I would have to purchase for it would be new bags, They looked pretty bad,A friend at my local Harley shop told me to visit your web site and try your product so I did, WOW my bags looked like new after installing your product and saved me hundreds of dollars, Thank you so much I will be telling everyone I see with saggy bags to visit your site and try your product... Thank you,
(Bill Clement: Silver Lake, Michigan)

I received yalls information at a local Harley Davidson boutique and was pretty skeptical. I ride a 99 Heritage and well you know, or can imagine, what eight year old bags can end up looking like riding in the Texas heat. But I ordered your product on a whim... Your saggy bag system was an easy to use miracle product. I swear, it was as easy as reading the instructions, doing a trial run... and I'm impressed. Thanks, for saving me from searching the swap meets, or worse dropping a bundle on new.
(D. Gilmore, DFW Texas)

I took delivery of my Heritage on Super Bowl Sunday in 2006. During the delivery speech from the dealer, a biker walked by and told me I better get the Saggy Bags kit for my saddle bags,,, or I'd be real sorry in about two years. Well it's been in the back of my mind for the past year, and I finally gave in to the reality that the biker stranger was right. My bags although not as bad as the ones on your website, were definitely starting to wrinkle and droop.

UPS dropped the complete support kit off this past Friday about noon. A few hours later the bags were on the garage floor with weights on them, just like the pictures on the website. By Saturday noon, the bags were back on the bike with a little leather dressing, and looking better then new. It was as simple as advertised on the website. Good concept, fair price, easy to install� Thank you. (Steve & Gail Greenfield)

I installed your complete kit two weeks ago. I had been riding my Heritage without the bags for the last four years. I only used them on trips. They got saggy anyways. At Sturgis I checked out your competitor�s product. They were twice the price and I would have had to ship my bags to them via UPS. Instead, I spoke with you on the phone and was convinced to buy your product. The best endorsement that I can make is to simply state that they work exactly as advertised. Not may products do. Yours ranks right up there with Loctite, WD40, duct tape and ball peen hammers! I can now spot the bags with your kit in them on sight. They are on the Heritage Softails with the nicely squared-off bags. I have not ridden my motorcycle without the bags since installing your product. (D. Powers: Boston, MA)

Just want to say that I got my order the other day and installed them tonight on my �05 Heritage Softail. In a word�AWESOME! My bags look better than new! Thanks so much. (John Chock)

Just a quick note to thank you for a great product. I installed the complete kit on my 2003 Heritage Classic. The bags actually look better now than when the bike was new. The directions were clear and easy to follow. Installation was a snap. Thanks again.
(Ray Beck)

I purchased the complete set of your support system last March and installed the system in late April. I thought I would tell you what a difference the system made in the appearance and performance of my bags. My bags look so much better. I have a �95 Heritage and my bags looked like some of your pictures; top collapsing, ends sagging inward, and the top rail cracked, letting the bags collapse to the inside.

Your system was easy to install, worked exactly as the instructions stated, and made an immediate difference. I feel your system was of good quality, a great value, and your ad was dead on. I have had them on now for 2 months and have ridden about 3000 miles, and the gabs still look great and are more rigid than I remember them being when new. I see many riders with �saggy bags� and I have the time I tell them about your web site. I would recommend them to anyone riding a Heritage, as the replacements bags are 6 times as expensive and truthfully, I don�t care for the newer style bags anyway.

Thanks again. I can tell this system was designed by someone who rides and who was a need for a practical product. Live to ride, Ride to live. (M. Davis: Plainfield, Indiana)

I purchased the complete system (lid, rails, and perimeter) from you a couple weeks ago. Though my bags are about 5 years old, the system really made them look great. In fact, I was at a dealership recently looking at new bikes and notices a brand new Heritage that already had saggy bags. In my opinion, with your products, these look better than new. (Breven Clark: Victorville, CA)

I wanted to tell you what a great product you have. I saw them advertised in a magazine and thought �what the hell, they have to be better than the metal lid supports I currently own.� The metal lid supports are a real pain when getting in and out of the bag. Your product did everything you said it would, and more. The instructions were very easy to follow and there was plenty of glue. You thought of everything. I installed the complete package and my Heritage bags are as good or better than new. I will do my part to spread the word. Thanks so much. Ken Hodson II: Washington Court House, Ohio