Springer Bag Installation is available for all years. We will be installing end panels to straighten/correct the collapsing. Straightening the lid if needed, and installing a lid support strip. The system is difficult to install because the panels must be molded and glued into position. Special molds and clamps are required, so that is why the bags need to be sent to me.

We will be using the E6000 adhesive for the installation. It has been heat tested above 300 degrees and in extreme cold for separation. The cost to do the installation is $225.00 plus return shipping. The turn around time is two weeks, plus return shipping time.

You will need to call or email for an appointment time. I'll need to speak with you concerning the condition of your bags. This allows me to determine if I can do an acceptable job for you.

If I agree to do the job, I will then give you my shop address, so your bags will be delivered to directly there. I will contact you when the bags are ready to ship, so payment can be made via credit card.

"Thanks again for the great work! you delivered! I have had numerous
compliments and have passed your info along to other Springer owners.
I had one dealer ask me if I even had 200 miles on the bike since
everything looked so new. You do great work at affordable rates, and
I wish you much continued success."  Rick Posner