The purpose of this product comparison is to explain in detail how the Saggy Bags Restoration System works, and compare it to other design concepts. For additional questions about our systems, Click Here.

We are in the business of restoring saddlebags, while maintaining a completely stock appearance.

The Saggy Bags Support systems have been designed to keep the entire bags in a perfect expanded shape, while adding a structural element that no other system on the market offers. Our systems are designed to be installed by our customers. Well conditioned pliable bags will make for an easier installation.

Complete Saddlebag Restoration System Components

Perimeter Kit: The entire lower bag system is installed with the bags on the bike. The key to our lower bag system is using the internal seams, pockets, and crevices as pressure points to force the bags into a perfect shape. The Saggy Bags Front and Rear Inserts line the end surfaces and force the misshapen end surfaces of the bags back into their original shape. Installing the Perimeter Strip over the inserts applies significant outward pressure, locking the front and rear inserts into place, while providing a full floor to the bag. Due to design, the Perimeter Strip applies significant outward pressure to the Front and Rear Inserts keeping the bag in a perfect shape. None of the lower bag components require adhesive, screws or rivets. They all lock into place by design.

Support Rail: Adding the Support Rail to the edge of the bag opening completes the lower bag Installation. You will notice the bag opening is larger than prior to installation and totally reinforced. The side of the bag will no longer sag inward toward the fender. By design, the Support Rail self locks over the edge. No adhesive is required.

Lid Insert: Installing the Lid Insert to reshape the lid surface is the last step. It requires the use of E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive that is supplied with your System. The Lid Insert Installation is the only part of the system that requires the bags to be removed from the bike. Using adhesive for the lid insert insures the surface will remain smooth and flat. In all you will notice about 10% increase storage area in the lower bag due to it being held open to its fullest size. Half helmets’ will still fit through the bag opening. The total system weight for both bags is less than three pounds.

We provide a lifetime warranty on materials.

The complete shape of the bag is restored for $124.00. No sales tax is charged. Customer Support is available by phone and by e-mail.

None of the design concepts described below
restore the complete shape of the bags.

Metal Frames: Metal frames inserted into the lower bag opening do nothing more than keep the opening square. They reduce the opening size of the lower bag drastically and restrict access. No shape has been restored to the lid or lower bag ends, and floor. The bags shape will continue to degrade, and shrinkage will occur. The cost for these style systems start at $124.00 and up. Warranty information varies.

Liners: These are systems that simply line the bags and lay in the bags without anything to create outward pressure which would lock them into position; and thus do not work. These style of systems are over priced and do nothing to reshape your bags. Prices start at $124.00. Warranty information varies.

In some applications the systems are held in place with numerous rivets and cannot be applied by the customer. The bags must be taken apart, lined and reassembled. If shrinkage occurs, pucker marks will appear at rivet points. The appearance of the bags is no longer stock. This style of system can only be installed in bags that are in near perfect condition. The bags must be shipped away for the installation. The systems start at $199.00 plus shipping to and from installer, typically around $80.00 round trip. Total cost is upwards of $280.00. Warranties vary widely.

No other system on the market provides the
total strength and support of the Saggy Bags System.

Over 100,000 systems have been installed around the world. Our system can be installed in any bag that is in soft pliable condition. Let us help you “Get The Sag Out Of Your Bags!” and restore them to a perfect shape.