About Us

Here's why we know saddlebags so well!

Our company was founded in 2000 when our CEO, Steve left corporate America and started his own project development firm. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Steve has owned bikes since the 1970's. At that time, Steve was a desert racer and not doing much street riding.

After marrying his wife, Bobbi in the late eighties, Steve moved from off road to street bikes. With Bobbi on the back, they logged over 35,000 miles touring California and parts of Oregon.

In 2001, Steve purchased 2 Heritage Softail Classics, the "V-TWINS" as they are named. Bobbi had already put 19,000 miles on a Sportster and was ready to trade up.

Like anyone who owns a Softail, they loved the bikes, but soon discovered the bags just weren't staying in shape and were beginning to "sag". Steve quickly got to work utilizing his project development skills and the V-TWINS as guinea pigs. After some trial and error and the testing of not only several designs, but several materials and adhesive products, the Saggy Bags Restoration System was born.

Earlier this year, Steve decided to retire and take a less active role in the day to day operations here at Got Saggy Bags? Inc. He is still the CEO and heads up all new project development, but has decided to slow down and smell the roses. Steve and Bobbi still have the V-Twins and you will often see the pearl white bikes touring around the highways and back roads of Utah where they now reside.

Their bags look as perfect today as they did in 2001 when the Saggy Bags system was first installed. This is a testament to the quality and durability of this fine product. Steve invites you to come and enjoy the beauty and scenic byways of Utah and don't forget to visit our local Harley dealerships.

You are also invited to visit the Photo Gallery for stories of other Harley riders, and/or Bobbi's Riding Diary: pictures and comments about Bobbi & Steve's personal riding adventures.

Please visit our website often for specials, new products, along with excerpts and pics from Bobbi's riding diary.

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