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Proper care of saddlebags is the only way to prevent the bags from drying out, shrinking, and taking a one way course to distortion.  This, in extreme cases, cannot be corrected.

Weather and Storage Conditions
All leather saddlebags should be conditioned every two months throughout the year.  It makes no difference if the bags are stored inside.  The bags are subject to the humidity and or dry conditions even if it’s in the garage.  The winter months can be especially hard on bags in a freezing climate.

Washing Your Bike and Water Damage
When leather is soaked with water, it loses the oils that protect it from drying out and shrinking.  Your bike should never ever be washed with the bags on it.  The old theory that wetting the leather to reshape it applies to building horse saddles.  For saddles, the leather is soaked in water so it becomes pliable and can be applied to the saddle frame, where it is allowed to dry and shrink.  

Dried Out Saddlebags
If your bags are already dried out, shrinking, and getting hard, the only way to make an effort to save them is to saturate them with a quality leather conditioner. 

One Step Leather Care Products
One step leather care products do not provide the protection needed for leather that is exposed to water and dry air. 

Recommended Leather Care Product
We highly recommend Leather Magic Leather Care’s three step process.  These are the only products we use personally, and on all our customers bags in our shop. 

1st Step Cleaning - The cleaner not only cleans, it opens the pores of the leather.  This prepares the surface for conditioning. 

2nd Step Conditioning - The conditioner is applied to the leather and allowed to penetrate for approximately 30 minutes.  In some cases additional coats of conditioner must be allied for the leather to soften. 

3rd Step Protection - Applying the Stain & Water Guard.  This provides water protection and helps prevent the conditioner from evaporating.  This prevents the leather from drying out.  

Try our Leather Magic Leather Care Kit.  It’s easy to use.
Your saddlebags and other leather goods will remain in great condition.

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